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The Sea Clear Watermaker™

The Boat Watermaker Designed For Cruisers By Cruisers

Sailing watermakersWater makers for sailboats and powerboats

Stop mentally tallying the gallons while the crew showers and rinses the decks. Sea Clear’s high pressure belt / engine-driven and electric / generator-driven watermakers fill your tanks with 20 - 40 gallons of fresh, pure, great-tasting water per hour.

Convenient. The Sea Clear Watermaker™ system significantly increases your self-sufficiency by directly filling your tanks with clean, desalinated sea water. This is increasingly important as fresh, high quality water becomes harder to find throughout the world.

Affordable. The Sea Clear Watermaker is priced to fit the average cruiser’s budget and the cost is minimal compared to your freedom, your convenience and your peace of mind.

Modular. The Sea Clear system is straightforward and easy to install where space is at a premium. All parts are off-the-shelf; most parts are easily obtainable worldwide.

Reliable. The original Sea Clear Watermaker has been in service for 6 years with over 50,000 miles of sea time and requires only minimal routine maintenance.

For more information and to learn how a Sea Clear Watermaker can improve your on-board lifestyle, contact us today.