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Storing Your Watermaker

A Simple Process To Protect Your Investment

Boat watermaker membranePreserve the watermaker membrane with a simple pickling process

Whether you're a full time cruiser, a seasonal sailor or even a weekend warriror, a Sea Clear Watermaker™ is the ideal solution to fill the water tanks on your yacht.

Not going to be on the boat or using the watermaker for a week or more? No problem! This simple process will extend the life of your investment by preventing the growth of microorganisms that will damage the membrane.

You'll follow the normal shut down procedure for your watermaker, but rather than flushing the system with plain product water, you'll use a mixture of fresh water and sodium metabisulfate (a chemical readily available wherever you find beer brewing supplies). This process (called "pickling") will preserve your membrane for up to 6 months before it must be repeated.

If the watermaker will be exposed to freezing temperatures while in storage (or if you'd like to pickle the system for up to 1 year at a time), you'll flush the system with propylene glycol antifreeze (also known as RV antifreeze or ptable water antifreeze) instead.

When you're back on the boat and ready to make water again, simply discard all product water for the first 15 - 20 minutes to completely flush the pickling chemical from the system. Now you're ready to fill your water tanks!